The 6 Energy Questions

Energy Resource Questions

1. What is an Energy Resource?
An energy resource is material found in nature that can be changed into a useful energy.

2. What is a renewable energy resource?
A renewable energy resource is something that can be renewed within an average human lifetime (75 years or less).

3. What is a n non-renewable energy resource?
A non-renewable energy resource is a resource that takes millions and millions of years to renew itself. Once it is used up, it is practicaly gone forever.


After your chart is complete do the following discussion questions

1. Which energy resource got the highest total? Describe the strongest and weakest points of this resource.
The energy resource with the highest total was Solar Energy. Solar energy had a lot of strong points, such as being renewable and easy to use. It can be used to power a whole city, village, or a home. It is easily transported and is not a big stress. It didn't have many weak points but there were a couple, such as being not completely expensive but at the same time not very cheap. Also it isn't available all the time, only during the day. Overall Solar Energy was the best energy resource.

2.Which energy resource got the lowest total? which features contributed
most to the low total.
Our weakest resource was Nuclear Energy. It had a score of 30 out of a possible 55. It had a lot of weak points especially that it is hard to use. Also it can not power automobiles, because of its size. Nulear energy is polluting in its waste and is also hard to transport. Some good points though is that it can produce a lot of energy.

3. Which energy resources do you recommend for the future? Why?
What changes would we have to make in order to make effectiv use
of these energy resources.
Solar Energy would be the best recommendation for the future. It's cheap and pratical and when impleted properly it could power the whole earth. Although for effective use, many homes will have to contain solar panels and maybe orbital panels may be used.

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