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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal is natural heat beneath the Earth's surface. The word geothermal comes from two ancient Greek words: geo, which means "of the earth" and therme, which means "heat". Geothermal energy comes from the Inner core of the earth. The inner core is about 3000 degrees Celsius. The goes up to different countries, although geothermal energy does not exist in some places, like Greenland. Geothermal heats houses, swimming pools, hotels and other places. Scientists think that the earth and solar system were formed by a big cloud of dust and hot gases floating around in space. As the particles came together, they joined and made the Sun and all the other planets. These collisions made a lot of heat. The earth was very hot when it formed over 5,000 million years ago. The crust slowly cooled off, but the inner core stayed hot and now the center of the earth still gives off lots of heat.

Geothermal energy is non-renewable. It is non-renewable because it takes millions of years for the earth's heat to accumulate. Once you take the source of geothermal energy out, it will take millions of years to re-accumulate.

Geothermal energy can heat houses and, unlike some kinds of energy, coal being one of the worst, Geothermal energy does not pollute. Geothermal energy is also pretty cheap. If it weren't for geothermal heat, we would be as cold as ice cubes. Geothermal energy makes Hot Springs. Some people like to go swimming in hot springs.

Today, in Japan, a rare breed of monkeys lives near some Hot Springs. They use them in winter to keep warm. In Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America some animals are still struggling to survive. Now, with the help of Hot Springs, it makes their lives much easier.

Geothermal energy does not exist in certain parts of the world. Therefore it can not heat those places. Sometimes instead of a geyser, a volcano will form. A volcano is not good because it ruins everything it goes across. When the lava dries it forms a hard rock which people can not plant on. Geothermal energy is non-renewable. Geothermal energy may contain dangerous minerals. Some of these minerals are ammonia and mercury. Sometimes the water contains arsenic and releases radioactivity off, which are very dangerous. If it gets poured into rivers, these chemicals can effect birds, animals and fish very badly. When steam is let out it can be very noisy. Usually there is a stink of rotten eggs caused by hydrogen sulfide.


Advantage and Disadvantages(Questions):

a) Is the energy source renewable?

Yes, Geothermal energy is a renewable source. There is constant amount of heat that is produce from the Earth and can be used to produce energy.

b) Does the energy resource produce much power, enough for a home, village, city from one power plant?

This form of energy can be used to power cities but it is not because there isn't enough locations for it to. Geothermal energy is a source for alternative energy used as a kind of backup. it is also used sometimes for small villages.

c) Is the energy resource available all the time?

Yes, Geothermal energy has a constant amount of steam that rises from the earth.

d) Does the energy resource need to be transported to the power plant?

No, Geothermal energy has its resource right beside and on it.

e)Does the power from the plant have to be transported over long distances?

Sometimes it does because the areas where geysers are located are not always by a city or by its user.

f)Is the energy resource polluting (in transportation, power production or with waste products)?

Geothermal energy does produce pollution but it is natural in its power production. It produces an unpleasent smell but it is not harmful.

g)Is the energy resource plentiful?(in how many parts of the world?)

There are only a certain amount of areas suitable to have geotheral energy. Usually areas of volcanic activity contain geysers suitable.

h)How expensive is it to produce the power?

Usually, it is fairly cheap but building the plant costs a fair bit of money and maintaining it does too.

i)Is the technology for the energy resource easy to use?

Usually only hired professionals can maintain the plant, but then you can just leave it alone when it's built.

j)Can this energy resource provide power for automobiles?

Some cars have a technology where they use steam to power the car, but then you would have to rebuild the car to use it.

k)How much technology is currently available for this energy resource?

Geothermal energy has not been perfected but it is used all around the world, and is quite widespread. There are many forms of geothermal energy that we use today.


From 1 to 5

a)Renewable or Non Renewable 5
b)Enough power for a city, for a village or for a home? 3
c)Available all the time, part of time or seldom? 5
d)Resources shipped long, or short? 5
e)Plant can be close to users or far away. 3
f)Non-Polluting or Polluting? 4
g)Plentiful or scarce? 3
h)Expensive or cheap? 3
i)Easy to use or hard to use? 3
j)Could power automobiles. 4
k)Currently available and widespread or scarce. 3

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